Strictly Roots Top 5 at 5 – w/e 22/06/14

Good evening one and all, welcome to this week’s selection of roots music from across the world. On my personal jukebox this week has been old time songs from Kentucky, English traditional pieces and some very nice rootsy bluegrass. Let’s open up this week’s box, and see what we can find.


The Hickory Nuts – The Louisville Burgler

The Hickory Nuts seem to have been a group put together by the Okeh Record Company, and here they are performing The Louisville Burglar, way back in 1927. The song is a variant of the more widely-known Boston Burglar, and is a piece I have examined for a forthcoming piece on A really nice example of some old time string band music, enjoy.




Eliza Carthy – Just As The Tide Was Flowing

Eliza’s long been one of my favourite singers, and this is one of her best songs. Containing all the requisites for a traditional piece, sweetness, longing, and some of the best language I’ve found in song in a long time, this is one of the song’s on Eliza’s 2002 album Anglicana, which still sounds great today. I urge you to add it to your collection if you haven’t already done so. Just As The Tide Was Flowing.



Jack Old Dog – South Australia

This next one is just fantastic. Jack Old Dog is a Bristol-based singer, who performs traditional and contemporary material with a range of bands around the city. This great video was made in one of the shipyards on Bristol’s harbourside and really captures not only the essence of the song, but also Jack’s charm and performance style. There are more video of Jack, made by the filmmaker, Michael Sides, due to come, so keep an eye on this great singer.



Anna & Elizabeth – The Devil’s Nine Questions/Billy In The Lowground

I mention Anna & Elizabeth in my latest Beacon piece, about how song aids culture and tradition to continue. They are taking forward the traditions they have learned, and are doing it in unique, but at the same time reverant ways. Here, they perform The Devil’s Nine Questions and Billy In The Lowground alongside one of their ‘crankies’, which are art pieces which contain and contribute to the narrative of the story. Check it out, it’s just lovely.



Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys – The Fix

I recently discovered the music of Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys whilst reviewing for AmericanaUK. I noted their “pretty authentic roots sound which more than reveals their own angle and take on the music.” This is the video for their track The Fix, which shows off a good aesthetic which is captured on, and shows off, the music. As with all the cuts on the Top 5, I urge you to investigate, grab and spread wherever you can.




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